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I enjoy the tick rate for exactly
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Dołączył: 01 Cze 2020
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Points: 30
Wysłany: Pon Cze 01, 2020 02:15 I enjoy the tick rate for exactly

That is one of these things that simply won't change because in the event that you remove the click and point facet you remove one OSRS gold of the simplest elements of RuneScape. Eliminating click motion entirely would knock off people, although I believe it would be good to have WASD as an option. I will be frank though, I'm so utilized to mouse movement because of RuneScape I can not adjust to WASD on other MMOs anymore. Final Fantasy XIV along with RS3 and I play right now and I removed motion in favor of max sensitivity camera and mouse movement. It simply feels better to me without having a gaming mouse, I utilize and can comfortably move skills. My point being that options are great, but people who invested so much time learning the system would be outcasted by removing it.

As a remedy, do we get any f2p worlds, if nothing else? Even during peak times, virtually every f2p world besides world 3/auto-login planet has significantly less 150 players on it, and 3 tick delay is all but entirely dropped on f2pers since hardly any of the content is even affected. Before there is a waiting list You can find 19 f2p worlds that aren't legacy only, if you choose 10 of these and repurpose for associates, there might be f2pers on line simultaneously. Not to mention you'd attract the p2p english worlds that are non-legacy out of 85-95, ie theoretically reducing people of the others by a little over 10%.

Not to mention, this, new players may observe there are more people on the f2p worlds and be more prone to play with a game which is apparently somewhat popular and full, along with f2p players who want it to be less crowded may pull out a charge card and finally get that subscription they have been contemplating. It might help somewhat, although I like this idea, it definitelz wouldnt be a solution. Its viable, particularly now that there is less competition for resources than in f2p.

I enjoy the tick rate for exactly the very same reasons you hate it. Can recover an action I neglect to carry out so long as it is within the time frame provided by the Hurry speed of rs. But yeah what else I agree with, particularly the shit servers. I wanted to begin studying Telos but doing even Vindicta with those servers would be a garbage encounter. I'll still get mid 30s-low 40s kills but since these servers are shit when there's over 200 ppl are in a 35, that I have to always spam my binds and clicks.

I believe that tick rates are not really an issue to buy RuneScape gold as soon as you get your head around ticks work. You can use them to your benefit. It would be quite the challenge to not alienate your entire playerbase, but also to eliminate ticks. It is not a matter of knowing cats operate. It's that in an action pub combat game, obtaining a 600ms delay on all your actions feels like taking a swim.
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